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Construction Company | Trifon Veltsos | Pallini Attica


Trifon Veltsos is active in the field of stone coatings and constructions, serving the northern and eastern suburbs as well as all over Attica with modern and functional solutions. We specialize in all kind of natural stone coatings, depending on its requirements, either by piece-by-piece placement or by manufacturing panels of tiles with specific dimensions and then placing them on each construction.

We aim for a striking result that will give a new dimension and character with every application in an interior or exterior space.

Our company assumes:
 Fireplace coatings
 Wall and other surfase coverings
 Stone floors and paving
 External coatings on stairs, courtyards, fencing
 Swimming pool construction



Give a touch of natural and earthy beauty to your every space, creating a unique and timeless effect.
We will be glad to contact you so as to visit your place and discuss every detail.